Clean Body - And your cells come back to life!

The beneficial effects of:

- Eliminates toxins and toxic substances without causing emunctory fatiguee;
- Chelates heavy metals
- Stimulates the immune system
- Rebalances acids and bases
- Gives you a feeling of well-being
- Reenergizes

Le pack Clean Body:

- A generator which produces current through electrolysis. The appliance meets all the medical standards so there is no risk of electrocution. The large green Led displays show the amperage and time count-down
- An ergonomic plastic basin to soak the feet
- Electrodes and electrical cables
- Plastic bags to protect the basin
- A bottle of liquid disinfectant –- cleaning product to maintain the electrodes

We do not recommend using this treatment if:

- You have a pacemaker
- You suffer from epilepsy
- You are pregnant or breast-feeding
- You suffer from diabetes
- You have any foot wounds

Please consult your doctor if you are unsure

Clean Body is never a substitute for medical treatments

A revolutionary bath which detoxifies your body and restores its balance.

Why detoxify ?

« The root cause of all illnesses is general and unique: the body is clogged up »(Fundamental aphorism of natural medicine quoted by Christopher Vasey in ‘"Manual on detoxification", ed. Jouvence, 1992)


After it was noted that people who walk on the beach through breaking waves, actually feel better, a study showed that these people had less toxins and toxic substances in their body as they had been eliminated by osmosis though the soles of their feet (which contain more than 2000 pores) thanks to the millions of ions from the breaking waves.

As not everyone can live near the sea, Clean Body allows you to simulate the sea even more intensely, in the comfort of your own home


Toxins are the waste products and residues produced by the body's metabolisms. One part comes from the wear and tear of body tissues but the majority of toxins are the result of the break-down of food substances.
Our body can handle a normal amount of waste products thanks to the organs which filter the blood.
But in our times excessive levels are often reached; as our food becomes more and more processed, it contains lower levels of vitamins, oligo-elements and minerals. The food we eat nowadays is less easily metabolized and generates far more waste products within our body.
The accumulated toxins basically form a poison for the tissues and organs, they clog up the mechanics.

Toxic substances :

Toxic substances are harmful substances which should not even be present in our body.
On a daily basis we are being poisoned by our environment and our food.
Besides air- water and soil pollution, we are also poisoned by animals (antibiotics, hormones) whose meat and by-products we consume. Our food contains numerous kinds of additives!
Considerable amounts of certain so-called heavy metals can find their way into our body through food (all the fish have been contaminated with mercury), dental amalgams (based on mercury,…) and toiletries (aluminium in deodorants), etc.
Even inside the womb, babies are already exposed to industrial toxins (

Is it really that effective ?

Clean Body offers an ingenious and unique way to detoxify our body in a relaxing and pleasant way.

An ergonomic basin reduces the amount of water used and therefore produces a maximum amount of ions.

The device measures and clearly displays the ionization current, in Amperes, and the remaining time, in minutes

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